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Below are a series of links regarding different types of support I offer. Once you've booked on, I will get in touch with you and we'll have a 10-15 minute discussion about your aims for the upcoming session. I will send you a link to a form to fill out prior to your session which will provide me with information to help me prepare for our consultation.

Following your session, I will add you to a Slack group, and in between sessions, I welcome communication via email or Slack by way of updates, quick questions or check ins, or opportunities you want me to look into.

Please make sure you familiarise yourself with the Cancellation Policy, which can be found at the bottom of this page, and sent alongside your email confirmation.

Creative Advice, Consultancy and Mentoring

Ideal for anybody seeking some creative advice or direction. Sessions might be tailored towards (but not limited to):

- Creative advice (specifically in music, theatre, or performing arts)

- Music consultancy (arrangement/instrumentation/production)

- Direction with a creative or artistic idea
- Advice and Guidance on business development / entrepreneurship

- Empowerment in your professional creative identity

My initial consultations are 30 minutes (£75).

Further consultations are booked in 1 hour slots (£200).
All delivered via Zoom.

Block booking and daily rates are also available upon request.

These sessions can be organised in-person (Liverpool) upon request at an additional cost.

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Funding Support and Creative Idea Development

I have been supporting Arts Council England funding bids for 3 years, with successful DYCP and NLPG grants. This includes Access Support applications.

Funding consultations for application guidance and support are 60 minutes (£200).
Further support is charged at a daily rate (£500).

I allocate 2-3 days for DYCP applications, and a minimum of 7 days for NLPG applications below £30k.

For NLPG applications above £30k, please contact me.

Access Support and Funding Applications

I can help you with securing some funding from ACE with their incredible access support scheme. 

Access Support is for artists who have accessibility needs and feel they have barriers accessing the application process due to disability or barriers. There is no formal diagnosis needed, as self-diagnosis is recognised by ACE.

This type of support does not include bid writing or creative development support, and you should arrive to the journey with your ideas well established.

My role as an Access Support worker is to ask you questions, interpret your answers, check for sp/gr, and help you upload your bid to Grantium.

Access Support is charged at a daily rate (£300) and I can help you apply for this with ACE.

If you would like to include Creative Development support alongside an Access Support grant, please contact me.

As a Creative Specialist, I offer a broader spectrum of skills - including but not limited to, idea development, creative brainstorming, music producing, budget planning, business support and development, stakeholder communication, bid-writing, and more.

Higher Education Workshops and Talks

I have a wealth of expertise and experience which spans across the Higher Education industry, teaching in colleges, universities and vocational performing arts institutions.

I am passionate about representing empowered and experienced female leaders in the music and performing arts industry. My areas of research have included confidence building in musical theatre, multi-hyphenate careers, becoming a reflective/reflexive practitioner, and 

Please contact me for my HE rates.

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COMING SOON! Mentoring Programmes

For those looking for more holistic and general support, I have developed a series of structured programmes that you are able to enrol on.

These provide you with a variety of recorded sessions, a series of resources for you to work through, and 1-1 mentoring sessions with me.

More details coming soon.

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