Oh fab! Hi!
If you've clicked on this one then it's a bit more chatty with way more bullet points! 

In 2021, I was successful at applying for a Developing Your Creative Practice grant from Arts Council England. I will be working with mentor Kate Golledge on researching and fusing folk music with musical theatre.



About Me

- Neurodivergent
- I'm boss at organising things

- I really love rearranging furniture

- I own lots of books (about theatre, musical theatre, musical scores, poetry, novels and 33 blank notebooks)

- I want to make a living from working creatively

Over the past 10 years, I've had lots of experience doing different bits and bobs in theatre and have struggled with the pressure of putting myself in a box or specialising in one particular skill, because I literally love them all. 

I've just started building a business/company called Boss Work. I'd love to chat to anyone who is struggling in work, needs direction or motivation in their work, or wants a sounding board for creative ideas.

Music and Theatre

I work across music and theatre.
I currently work with a few different musicians collaboratively.

They include:
- Limerance (an acoustic-folk duo with my best pal Calum Gilligan

- Thom Morecroft

- Danny Bradley
- Us Four Music

- Novelty Island

In 2015, I produced 'The Proposal' at Glastonbury Festival, where Joe Allan - a lovely and talented Director friend of mine, and I made people into puppets using elbow pads and toilet piping. 

I wrote a one-woman show called 'Qualified to Date' which I performed at a gorgeous little venue with an enormous theatre dog. It was the Fleabag of its time. Some of it rhymed, I made the audience giggle and I forgot my words half way through because I couldn't remember whether I was talking about/wanted a Margherita or a Margarita. Probably both.

I love nothing more than getting my hands/teeth/head stuck into an R&D.
I find the rehearsal / practice process of a show or event to be the greatest part and love being part of making something new. I really like new writing.


I am creative, dedicated and imaginative. I love curiosity and feeling fearless. 


Other Creative bits

Through the COVID-19 situ, (FYI I am double vaxxed and willing to test whenever, by the way), I took part in a load of workshops and classes to try and build confidence in my written work. My most recent venture was a four week workshop facilitated by the sensational Titilola Dawudu.

My next play is an exploration of 2 sisters and a mother and how they navigate their way around a death in the family.

Topics that interest me:

- exploring female relationships
- the idea of expectation/obligation

- the avoidance of uncomfortable conversation with the urgency of uncomfortable conversation

Wednesday Club:
I take part in a weekly Zoom group for Directors/Creatives, started by Kate Golledge - an utterly inspiring Director and positive creative force for the theatre industry.

Directing/Editing for film:
I met Chloe Munro when I was working at Elliott Clarke in Liverpool.

She is one of the most talented people I know.
She makes movement inexplicably beautiful.
If you need a dancer - DM me and I'll put you in touch with her. 
Here's something we made earlier.

digital/arty/ website-y stuff

I run a number of different websites and social media accounts and have some experience in creating graphics and artwork for pages/events.
If you're interested in chatting, let me know! 

IMG_4399 2.JPG


I really love working with people and have a great reputation for working with kids, young adults and aspiring actors. I build great and trusting relationships, really quickly - because the bottom line for me is that I care about who I'm working with.


I want whoever I encounter as a teacher/mentor/facilitator to walk away with more confidence and empowerment than they came in with.

I've taught across Musical Theatre, Acting, Physical Theatre, Dance, Contextual Studies, Professional Development and Academic Writing.

I've lead a number of programmes at HE level and this year, regardless of COVID-19, my students outdid themselves with Merits and Distinctions across the board. Boss work! 

A full list of my qualifications and training is here.